Like many Realtors, I came to Real Estate after another career.  My experience in Human Resources has given me a range of skills that translates seamlessly into my new career.  Interactions with individuals at all stages of life and with varying goals in life; Conduction Investigation; Performing Research; Addressing Legal Concerns; Completing confidential and time sensitive paperwork; and dealing with personal information are skills that I now use in Real Estate.

As well as a sucessful professional life, I also have a wonderful family who teaches me new lessons everyday about how to interact with people of all ages and abilities.  My relationship with my husband allows for both cerebral and emotional interations.  My children range in age from 26 to 7 and provide me insights and information that help me to converse and understand the goals, interests, and pressures of younger people.  They all teach me every day to stop, listen and try to understand other points-of-view.   My youngest son has several developmental disabilities. His effect on my life has helped me open my eyes to the challenges that exist with some families when looking for and acclimating to a new home. 

I am so fortunate to have had one career that would provide me with a professional base that sets me apart from other realtors, and a second profession in real esate in which I can continue to help people by listening and providing logical helpful solutions.  

If you're looking for a better real estate experience, give me a call.