A Better Buying Experience

I'm here for every Stage.  Whether you're getting ready to buy, buying your first home, your next home, or your forever home, your experience should be personal to you.  You may know exactly what you want your new home to look like or be willing to discover what you want throughout the journey.  I am happy to work with you no matter what process you have in mind.  

Preparing to Buy?  Give me a call I can set you up with an adivsor that will help improve your financial health and get you on the path to buying. 

First Time Homebuyers:   I will walk you through the process and help you understand the steps.  If you need recommendations on professionals or guidance toward getting financing, I can help you find the right provider. 

Move up buyers:  It's probably been a couple years since your purchased.  You may need me to hold your hand every step of the way or you may wish to be in charge of driving your search.  I will support you in whatever capacity you choose.  

Empty Nesters: Your needs are going to be specific to your goals.  Are you ready to make this the last time you want to purchase or are you ready to just downsize a little?  I'll listen and guide you as you wish. 

Regardless of which stage of life you're in, here's a handy list you'll need to gather before you talk to a financial institute.  

  • Financial statements
  • Bank accounts
  • Investments
  • Credit cards
  • Auto loans
  • Recent pay stubs
  • Tax returns for two years
  • Copies of leases for investment properties
  • 401K statements, life insurance, stocks, bonds, and mutual account information.

Your credit score will play a significant factor on what you will be able to purchase. Two big reminders: Don't make any large purchases and don't change job.  There's more you need to know that a good financial advisor will teach.  

Every Buyer has a story and I can't wait to hear yours.